Zydex’s new technology, ZycoShield (Zytonic Suraksha), protects agricultural crops from abiotic stresses caused by high temperatures, winds, and dry spells, which can result in poor growth. This anti-transpirational nanotechnology enhances photosynthesis and boosts plant resilience against these stresses. The remarkable performance of ZycoShield (Zytonic Suraksha) is noticeable within 7-15 days of its foliar application, resulting in:

• Healthier crops with greener foliage
• Wider and thicker leaves
• Enhanced growth and reduced flower drop
• Improved overall crop health

  • More greenery with less water
  • Improved overall plant immunity
  • Enhanced and faster growth
  • Improved quality & shelf-life of flowers and fruits
  • Increase in drought resistance of the crop