Zydex produces both low and high molecular weight polymeric surfactant-based wetting agents that are highly effective in removing waxes and oils from cotton and polyester surfaces. These wetting agents not only clean the fiber surface, but also help improve the solidity of reactive and dispersed dyeing, while enhancing the post-finish feel and reducing the cost of finishing.

While low molecular weight surfactants can achieve instant artificial wetting due to the surfactant layer, they do not necessarily indicate real clean-up of the fiber, resulting in inconsistent levelling, lower color value, and a poor feel. High molecular weight surfactants, such as Zycowet Series, may be slower in wetting, but they provide far superior levelling and dyeing depth compared to conventional emulsifiers.

In addition to these wetting agents, Zydex has also developed Zycodesize, a new generation, highly effective additive for grey fabric that can help achieve higher TEGEWA value and a softer feel. Overall, Zydex’s range of wetting agents and additives are designed to provide exceptional cleaning and finishing results while maintaining a high level of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Pretreatment Chemicals


  • Low foaming, scouring and bleaching additive
Pretreatment Chemicals


  • Polymeric anti-back staining agent for denims