How nanotechnology provides great solutions to road construction issues

What affects road construction quality the most?

With greater push on sustainability, road construction is becoming an affair that presents many opportunities for innovation and development. The problems are basically two-fold

  • Construction Quality Affected by moisture and other factors
  • Using resources efficiently and sustainably

Water, which is otherwise a boon, can be extremely harmful to pavements. It forces the asphalt binder to strip from the stone aggregate and leads to distresses such as cracking, potholes, ravelling etc. It also compromises the dimensional stability of the pavement by entering into soil bases and making the soil loose which can cause undulations.

Apart from this, incorrect construction practices and injudicious use of resources not just causes inconvenience to construction workers and commuters both, but also results in pavements that need constant rehabilitation which translates to wasted time, effort and money.

With awareness spreading about ruthless depletion of natural resources and the deteriorating environment around us, the need of the hour is to be innovative and come up with solutions that not just ensure sustainability by way of high quality and everlasting roads, but also ensure a nature friendly means of execution.

With economies growing increasingly aware of the use of sustainable road construction, energy saving and proper resource allocation is turning out to be a challenge.

What’s the solution?

The key is to come up with a solution that ensures conservation of natural resources, monetary resources and energy & power while also promising high quality and everlasting roads.

This is what Zydex offers.

By making use of nanotechnology, Zydex has come up with innovative chemical agents that help induce changes on a nano level, effectively changing the properties of the pavement construction material. This ensures higher strength and durability of pavements.

Zydex Road Solutions provides innovative Bitumen Additives that chemically enhance the bonds between the asphalt binder and the aggregate while also making the mix immune to water and the damages caused by it.

The warm mix asphalt solutions allows the contractor to reduce the temperature of the asphalt mix and work at lower temperatures while giving the same, or even better results than hot mix asphalt. This warm mix asphalt solution by Zydex not just helps in saving energy and fuel but also results in better working conditions.

The cold mix asphalt solutions for surface dressings and bond coats is profoundly dependable. The additives used to make this cold mix, enhances the bonds between the asphalt and the aggregate, thus creating a seamless bonding membrane between the pavement layers. It also reduces the amount of asphalt binder to be used. These additives also reduce wastage by eliminating the possibility of tire pick up.

Zydex also provides innovative soil stabilization and dust control solutions that make the soil bases impermeable to water and reduce the expansivity of the base, thus making it dimensionally stable. The nano acrylic co-polymer creates strong inter-particle bonds which when coupled with the water resistant nature of the base, means an immensely strong and self-strengthening base.

Zydex Road Solutions provides the following features:

  • Anti-Stripping: Reactive anti-stripping agent with world class performance.
  • Warm-Mix Anti-Stripping: Patented warm-mix technology for building green and long-lasting roads.
  • Prime Coat: Penetrative, reactive and waterproofed bond coat.
  • Tack Coat: Improved spray, reduced tire tack and quick-setting tack coat.
  • Soil Stabilization: Solutions for expansivity control and bonding of in-situ soil to replace stone bases and asphalt layers in road design.
  • Micro surfacing: Improved coating and strength.
  • Slurry Seal: Improved coating and better WTAT performance
  • Chip Seal (Surface Dressing): Improved strength and bonding to the base.
  • Waterproofing of soil bases: Water resistance with permeability reduced to 10-7 cm/sec.
  • Dust Control: 90% dust control in 1st spray with relief up to 98% in 2-3 sprays
  • Asphalt Emulsion Additives: Improved emulsification, reduced particle size and stronger bond strength.

These nanotechnology solutions provide a 360 degree mitigation and protection of roads. Sustainable construction and energy efficiency become easy to achieve with innovative tools like these!

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