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Microsurfacing is a thin layer of finely graded crushed stone, mineral fillers, asphalt emulsion and water blended together in proper proportions, spread on the road surface. It is very similar to slurry seal.

Micro-surfacing helps seal the cracks and protects the existing bituminous layers from surface voids & minor ruts, and provides a protective cover from oxidation and moisture ingress. Micro-surfacing is also provided in order to improve skid resistance of the existing surface thus increasing the service life of the pavement. A small amount of additive may be added at times, to improve the setting properties and adhesion of the micro-surfacing.

Microsurfacing is distinct from slurry seals. It hardens much quicker and can be applied in places where there are zero or minimal chances of placing slurry seals. Micro-surfacing can be ideally used on roads that handle substantial vehicular movement. It preserves the underlying pavement structure, while providing a fresh new surface for driving.

Factors for considering Micro-surfacing application

  1. Micro-surfacing can be applied on roads that have low or moderate damage and narrow width of cracks.
  2. Streets with lot of shade are preferred for micro-surfacing
  3. Roads with heavy amount of traffic are suitable for micro-surfacing
  4. It is typically applied on a project-specific basis

Some of the major advantages of Micro-surfacing include:

Environment-friendly: Micro-surfacing is an environment friendly alternative as it requires relatively low energy, emits no pollutants and is applied at ambient temperatures.

Quicker Construction Times: The surface can be opened within hours of micro-surfacing and it gives the appearance of an all-new surface.

Reduced Delays: Micro-surfacing can be performed on roads with high, medium or low traffic volume, without causing any major delays.

Cost Effective: Micro-surfacing covers more area per tonne of mix, thus making it a cost-effective alternative.

NanoTac offers excellent bond strength & delivers water resistant mixes for micro surfacing. These additives impart rapid setting to the bitumen emulsion, saving the time required for micro surfacing.

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