Need for Terrace & Roof Waterproofing

Waterproofing of a structure is essential for keeping the structure’s biggest enemy i.e. water from entering. Waterproofing of the terrace/roof is very essential especially in high rainfall areas. We must understand that waterproofing of a project is just 1% of the whole cost but takes care of the 90% of the problems that may damage the building.
The main use of waterproofing of the terrace/roof is to prevent the entering of water into the foundation, roof, walls, basements, buildings and other structures. These are done using waterproofing membranes which are either made of plastic, rubber, coated fabric materials or asphalt sheets.
Application of these waterproofing membranes can be a very time taking and tedious job and requires skilled labour. Any failure in them can lead to failure of the whole treated area. These membranes tend to get rigid & brittle leading to crack within 1-2 years because of the continuous/heavy load.
Zydex provides a solution which is in the form of an elastomeric membrane, Elastobar, which expands up to 250%. This membrane creates a homogeneous layer on the surface which prevents any cracks or pores formation due to joints. The membrane is water resistant, UV stable, highly stretchable and have high bonding strength hence when exposed to weather and continuous load, it does not brittle and break. Application of Elastobar is also very easy, user friendly, less time consuming and no extra source of heat is required. It can be done at any location and do not require skilled labour.
Hence, using Elastobar will continuous protection especially to heavy loaded and exposed areas like terrace/roof.

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