Road Dust Control – A revolutionary solution by Zydex

Road Dust Control - A revolutionary solution by Zydex

Road Dust Control – A revolutionary solution by Zydex

Paved roads are a preferred choice when it comes to the development of roadways. However, paving pucca roads can be challenging economically and logistically. Zydex has come up with road dust control solution to treat muddy roads and provide effective and long-lasting road dust control. Understanding the need of the hour, Zydex presents road dust control techniques to reduce dust in the form of Zycobond.

Among the very few available road dust control chemicals, Zycobond from Zydex is a best-in-class dust-suppressing product that provides superior bonding strength on the roads and erosion control on agricultural lands. Zycobond dust control technology is an innovative solution that, when sprayed on any surface makes it hard and dust free. It also provides excellent water resistance, mitigating water damage. Zycobond is a highly stable, cationic nano acrylic binder with a strong bond strength that can mitigate up to 95-98% of the dust on roads, helipads, open grounds, etc.

This technology from Zydex is not just good for roads but also for the ecosystem. It reduces the hampering of plant and human life by dust formation on unpaved roads (also known as gravel roads). Plants’ capacity to absorb sunlight reduces due to dust accumulation and its development is affected. In humans, breathing and other bodily functions are tampered with due to dust particles in the air. Vehicles experience skidding and dirt accumulation hence more car washes. This is taken care of by Zycobond. Therefore, it becomes crucial to limit dust production by gluing them to the road surface.

Zycobond by Zydex is a long-lasting solution. It contributes greatly to society by binding soil and addressing multiple issues all at once.

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