Soil Amendments

Soil health is fundamental to natural and agricultural ecosystems. Soils not only impact the agricultural productivity, but also play an important role in the management of global climate through emissions of greenhouse gases and regulation of air and water quality. Soil interacts closely with air, water and crops and reduces the variabilities in the environment. Soil also mediates ecological processes that govern the quality of water and air.

However, these functions are impaired by loss of soil productivity resulting from soil degradation that is caused by excess use of chemical inputs, reduction in organic carbon and dropping water table levels.

Such gradual destruction of natural soil ecosystems has raised serious questions on the ability of contemporary agricultural practices to sustain yields as well as the quality of soil, water and air.

Chemical fertilizers only add nutrients; most of which become plant unavailable. On the other hand, soil amendments enhance soil quality and activity by making nutrients available naturally through an active soil biology whilst improving soil structure and thereby its water holding and drainage capacity.


Zydex has developed a next generation soil conditioner based biofertilizer that improves the physical and biological properties of the soil to maximize crop productivity. The water soluble, soil amending technology, improves soil porosity and water holding capacity, thereby promoting the proliferation of natural biodiversity in the soil. The unique soil amending biofertilizer boosts nutrient uptake and crop growth, resulting in a robust soil ecology, improved crop output and reduced chemical input. Improved soil porosity helps in the formation of a larger root zone, which is further extended by the mycorrhiza hyphae network. This ensures high water and nutrient uptake capacity of the plant. Farmers can now reduce water consumption by 20-40% and chemical nutrient usage up to 50%.


  • Soft & porous soils ensure higher germination and plant survival. Generally, 15-20% higher plant population per acre, automatically leads to a 15-20% yield increase, proportionally. A larger root zone with an extended mycorrhiza hyphae network ensures each plant has a thicker stem, denser canopy and increased flowering & fruiting by 10 to 20%. Both these parameters combined can result in a yield increase of up to 25-40%.
  • Zytonic-M soil amendment biofertilizer ensures a large & biologically active root zone thereby improving the crop’s resistance to pest and fungal attack, leading to a reduction in the number of pesticide spray cycles.
  • The Zytonic-M treated plants have darker green foliage for enhanced photosynthetic activity to produce higher sugar and carbohydrate content. The excess liquid carbon is pushed out as root exudates to feed the enhanced soil biology. This also further improves the organic content, and soil health.
  • Zytonic-M soil amendment biofertilizer ensures porous soils to hold moisture in drought like conditions but at the same time allows excess rains to percolate easily without flooding. This ensures crop survival and growth under adverse weather conditions. This also ensures rainwater harvesting.
  • A large and active root zone and optimum water uptake ensures higher nutrient density in the produce. Thus flavor, taste and shelf life of the agricultural produce is substantially improved, giving farmers a higher price realization.

The water soluble Zytonic Technology introduced by Zydex ensures sustainability in farming by reducing water usage, increased water percolation and reduction in chemical inputs which leads to nutritious, safe and plenty food for all.

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