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Soil Conditioner – Synthetic fertilizers are rampantly used in conventional farming. They initially resulted in high yields but over the last few decades, it has lead to a decline in soil health and stagnation in yield quantity & quality.

To counter this problem, a combination of both biofertilizers and soil conditioners is the optimum solution.  The soil conditioner component works as a soil amendment that improves soil porosity and water holding capacity, leading to a larger and active root zone and promotes the growth of beneficial biology.

The bio-fertilizer component adds mycorrhiza (beneficial fungus) as an inoculum to further boost its population leading to an extension of the existing root zone, which enables higher water and nutrient absorption. Mycorrhiza is a beneficial fungus that provides essential nutrients in exchange of sugar exudates from the plant. The glomalin secreted by it provides a better structure to soil & stimulates the growth of soil biology such as beneficial nematodes, protozoa and bacteria that help recycle nutrients between the crop and soil.

This combination of bio-fertilizer and soil conditioner along with the use of organic inputs such as FYM, Vermicompost, etc. allows a minimum 50% reduction of chemical fertilizers in the first use with subsequent reduction of up to 100% with continuous usage over 3-4 seasons. The idea is to revive the soil biology and bring its population & activity to an optimum level along with provision of bio-feed in the form of FYM, vermicompost etc., thus reducing the dependence on chemical fertilizers over time.

Zytonic-M: A sustainable product for a bountiful harvest

Zytonic-M is an excellent combination of a bio-fertilizer and soil conditioner that activates & enhances the population of the soil biology.It develops healthy soils, thereby reducing the need for harmful chemicals and water.

  1. For high plant survival in drought conditions + water savings
    Zytonic-M makes soil soft & porous thus improving it’s water holding capacity. It also builds a substantially larger & denser root zone, which allows the crop to draw water from a much larger surface area. This leads to an extension of the watering cycle and higher plant survival during drought conditions.
  1. For higher soil biomass and improving soil organic content (SOC)
    Zytonic-M promotes the growth of a larger root zone and exponential growth of the soil’s biological population, which contributes to higher biomass being recycled back in the soil. Moreover, the recommended use of FYM, vermicompost, etc. with Zytonic-M and incorporation of crop residues back into the soil further adds to the Soil Organic Content.
  2. For improved yields and higher immunity to pests & diseases
    Zytonic-M builds a highly populated and active soil biology, which constantly provides a ready source of plant available nutrients throughout the growing season. This helps to improve yields from the first use itself, whilst reducing the dependence on chemical fertilizers over time. It also leads to the growth of strong and high quality crops that are more resilient to pest and disease attacks, thereby reducing the need for harmful pesticides.

End Benefits of Zytonic-M as a soil conditioner/ soil amendment and bio-fertilizer for crops 

  1. Increased yield by 15% to 50%
  2. High quality in terms of size, nutrional content & shelf life
  3. Reduction in irrigation by 20% to 30%
  4. Reduction in chemical fertilizers by 50% to 100%
  5. Reduction in pesticide consumption by 20% to 40%

Zydex Agriculture Solutions enable crops to receive optimum quantities of nutrients by boosting the natural soil biology & allowing the soil ecosystem to proliferate. Zytonic-M improves drought resistance & nutritional uptake for a bountiful and high-quality harvest.

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