The Basics of Textile Sizing – Explained!

What is Sizing?

Production of ‘quality’ fabric economically and efficiently is key aim of any textile company.Sizing is an intermediate protective process which is done to prepare the yarn for the weaving process. The process of applying a protective adhesive (synthetic/ natural) coating upon the yarns surface is called sizing. This adhesive can be single shot sizing chemical or a blend of multiple chemicals to achieve desired properties.

Advantages of Warp Yarn Sizing in Weaving:

Below are the key advantages of warp yarn sizing prior to weaving.

  1. To bind the yarn by adhering the fibers together and hence improve yarn strength.
  2. To cover outer yarn surface for improving abrasion resistance of the warp yarn.
  3. To lubricate the yarn surface for reducing friction during weaving process by preventing inter yarn entanglement and surface abrasion. This reduction of friction helps to keep the yarn intact and hence better fabric quality.

Sizing Process in nutshell:

  1. Yarn Sizing is carried out by passing the warp yarn sheet through size box containing the pre-prepared sizing chemical. The warp sheet is passed through tension roller, immersion roller, sizing roller and squeezing roller respectively in sow box. This is followed by subjecting the yarn sheet to drying cylinders heated through steam where the water is evaporated from yarn surface and sizing chemical forms a film on same.
  1. Next the yarn sheet is passed over the after waxing roller to coat the sizing chemical film with extra lubricants for hairiness control and ease of weaving.
  1. After drying and after waxing, the warp sheet is split so that the yarns regain their individual identity before they are wound on the weaver’s beam.
  1. Splitting is required because warp sheet coming out of the drying section adhere to each other depending on the efficiency of the pre-drying section. Chromium coated Lease rods split the warp sheet in a systematic manner so that the yarns which are stuck together by dried size are separated.
  1. After the splitting, the warp sheet is finally wound on the weaver’s beam. The warp sheet passes through an adjustable reed which can be expanded or collapsed based on the width of the beam.

Zydex had been pioneer in field of textile sizing. We have a wide range of products for sizing of spun yarn as well as filament yarns.

Zydex had been at the forefront of innovation for polyester sizing products. Today, Zydex has the leadership position in hot water dispersible polyester resin technology for sizing and weaving of polyester multi filament yarn on high speed weaving machines. This polyester based sizing chemicals have been engineered to exactly replace acrylic size and work at lower SPU but more importantly use the same desizing recipe with caustic and soap for desizing with excellent results. Our products form nano-level dispersion that results in outstanding filament-to-filament bonding.

In a similar way Zydex has been catering the spun sizing industry by providing modified thin boiling starches and additives. Along with sizing chemicals, Zydex also offers a complete range of eco-friendly textile printing solutions, which give excellent functional and aesthetic properties to finished fabrics and garments. For more information on our polyester sizing products and textile printing solutions,
call: 1800-3000-7144

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