Water Recharge The Zytonic Way

The water levels in most of the fields have gone down substantially in the last 30-50 years. Every year, receiving 101.6 cms of rain means getting 0.45 centimeter of water per acre in our fields. Typically, due to soil hardness and compaction by the time the third rain comes the water along with soil organic carbon and nutrients like NPK starts flowing out of our fields to surrounding lakes and rivers. On an average, around 0.15 centimeter of water, i.e. one third part of the 0.45 centimeter water evaporates in a year.

Zytonic M when applied in full dose makes the soil soft and porous and keeps it that way throughout the season. The use of Zytonic M ensures that no matter whatever kind of rainfall is received, whether heavy or light, every drop of rain gets absorbed in the fields due to improved infiltration capacity.

One flood irrigation cycle requires approximately 100,00 litres of water per acre. Zytonic M has a very unique water holding capacity. With full dose of Zytonic M the irrigation cycle can be extended from 15 days to 25 days. Hence a farmer would not need more than maximum
10-12 cycles throughout the year.

So in conclusion, a full does of Zytonic M ensures soft and porous soil structure, high infiltration capacity and 0.18-0.2 centimeter water recharge every year, for sustainable agriculture.

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