What type of crops and soils is Zytonic-M compatible with? What are the various applications of Zytonic-M?

Zytonic-M works on all types of crops and soils. On one hand it improves water-holding capacity in sandy soils, while on the other hand it drains out excess water in high clay soils.

Soil Application

Zytonic-M is a water-soluble powder and hence can be applied either by diluting with water or as a dry powder for both basal and top dressing applications. Zytonic-M is compatible with all types of irrigation systems such as flood, drip, pivot and industrial sprayers.

Additionally, Zytonic-M can be used for Seed Treatment, Nursery Application, Foliar Application and Manure enrichment.

Nursery Application

In nurseries, Zytonic-M can be diluted in water to drench the soil during nursery set-up, or as a dry powder mixed in during seed-bed preparation. 2 kgs of Zytonic-M provides up to 500 square meters of coverage in nurseries.

Foliar Application

Zytonic-M -water solution can be used for foliar application in between top dressing applications to address heat stress or to further boost greenery and vegetative growth.

Enrichment of farm yard manure

Zytonic-M solution can also be used to enrich farm yard manure and improve its bio digestion. The resultant manure is darker and more free flowing with enhanced biological population. This in turn improves the nutrient content of the manure, thereby extending its use over larger acreages.

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