Why has waterproofing become mandatory today?

Why has waterproofing become mandatory today?

Prolonging the life of the structure and maintaining its durability along with its beauty is a major concern for the property owners. The most important step that needs to be taken is to conduct waterproofing of the concrete, masonry, and other cemented surfaces. It helps in restricting the entry of water in the structure, which is the main cause that results in structural damage and failure. Waterproofing helps in improving the longevity of the structure while also ensuring the prevention of water from high water table areas, flood-prone areas, and high rainfall areas. High rise buildings have made waterproofing mandatory to avoid damage and failures. The material cost of waterproofing is about 1% of the total project cost and takes care of 95% of the leakage and seepage problems that may damage the building.

If waterproofing is not done properly then it can lead to cracks and structural damages in the future.

Most waterproofing chemical solutions available in the market are like a structural film on the surface and do not form a chemical bond with structure. Over a period of time, the surface is exposed to different temperatures, climatic conditions that may lead to peeling or cracking of the film and may cause new crack formation on the surface. Peeling, cracking, and cracks formation will lead to water entrance to the surface.

These membrane based waterproofing chemicals do not provide complete waterproofing rather only provides a temporary solution via physical adhesion.

To solve this problem and provide a long term solution for waterproofing to maintain the health and looks of the structure, Zydex Industries Pvt. Ltd. offers a penetrative nanotechnology solution called Zycossil+ that forms a chemical bond with the surface. This solution penetrates the existing cracks and treats them to make them hydrophobic from hydrophilic. This 100% silane solution reacts with the structure surface and forms a chemical bond that does not get affected by temperature and climate change. This solution also slows down cracking of the surface and makes the whole surface hydrophobic i.e. water repelling in nature. Zycosil+ solution solves problems like leakages, seepages, peel-off, efflorescence, and reduces structural damages. It also provides UV, Heat, and Abrasion stability and safe to apply indoors. The application is very simple and does not require skilled labour. The solution can be sprayed, brushed, or flooded after mixing with water and has a large coverage area. The waterproofing chemical solution provided by Zydex, silane-based chemicals are best for all kind of cementitious surfaces and can be used on both exterior and interior surfaces.

Hence, the Zydex waterproofing solution provides a complete 360-degree solution for protecting the structure and maintains the aesthetic value of a structure for a longer period.

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