Zydex Biofertilizers: The Next Generation Agri Technology

Zydex Biofertilizers

The practice of uncontrolled use of chemical fertilizers over the past many decades has resulted in damaged soils, reduced fertility, harmful chemical riddled produce and has a negative impact on the environment. In order to address this problem, Zydex has developed a new generation bio-fertilizer technology that has the ability to improve soil health and biology leading to improved water and nutrient uptake without the need for external harmful chemical inputs. This has been proven time and time again and the results are clearly visible from the first cycle itself as witnessed by thousands of farmers till date.

So what are bio-fertilizers? Biofertilizers are farm inputs that contain microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi that act as an inoculum to aid in reviving soil biology and activity leading to improved nutrient uptake. However conventional bio-fertilizers are not able to revive the soil biology fast enough to be able to reduce chemical dependence leading to lower yields associated with conventional organic farming. The Zytonic Bio-fertilizer Technology improves soil porosity and softness leading to an optimum environment to boost soil biological growth and activity at a much faster pace. The results are clear… the Zytonic Bio-fertilizer technology has the ability to maintain and even increase yields with zero chemical fertilizer inputs from the first season itself and this is what sets it apart. Zytonic treated soils have high and sufficient biological activity in the form of beneficial bacteria, fungi (mycorrhiza), protozoa and nematodes that continuously recycle nutrients already present in the soil thereby eliminating the dependence of chemical fertilizers. Another key feature due to improved soil health and porosity is an extended white root zone and a large active rhizosphere to increase the surface area of water and nutrient absorption.

The organic certified Zytonic biofertilizer Technology is an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers as they improve soil health, crop yield, and are environmentally friendly leading to safe, nutritious and plenty food for all.

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