ZYTONIC M for rubust yields and profitable farming

Our planet today is facing multiple challenges with soil fertility, dropping water table, reduction in organic carbon and excess use of chemical inputs leading to agri related pollution issues.

To address these issues, Zydex has developed the Zytonic Soil amendment technology inoculated with mycorrhiza. It addresses all the aspects physical, biological and chemical properties of farm soils.

Physical: Zytonic-M is a biodegradable biology boosting technology. It makes soils soft and reduces crusting, thereby improving germination. Zytonic also makes soil porous and enhances soil water holding capacity and aeration leading to a larger and denser root zone to improve plant survival rates even under adverse conditions.

Biological: Porous soils improve gas exchange, which helps in boosting the population and activity of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. The mycorrhiza inoculum in Zytonic-M helps to further extend the root zone and enhances nutrient and water absorption. This leads to 20-40% water savings and 25-50% chemical fertilizer savings from the first application itself.

A large root zone and active biology further improves plant resistance to pest and fungal attack leading to healthy, disease resilient crops.

Chemical: Zytonic-M improves the soil Cation & Anion exchange capacity thereby improving crop nutrient uptake efficiency. This results in darker green foliage indicating higher chlorophyll content and enhanced rate of photosynthesis with adequate sugar and carbohydrate production. The excess liquid carbon feeds the enhanced soil biology and improves the soil organic content.

Zytonic-M when applied through irrigation shows an impact within 4-6 days in the form of improved greenery and vigour just like chemical fertilizers.

Zytonic-M treated fields have consistently produced 15-50% higher yields with improved quality of farm produce. Chemical fertilizer savings of up to 50% and water savings of 20-40% are added benefits.

Zytonic-M ensures porous soils to hold moisture in drought like conditions but at the same time allows excess rains to percolate easily without flooding. This improves crop survival and growth under adverse weather conditions. This also ensures rainwater harvesting.

We at Zydex believe that this technology has the potential to change the way agriculture is done on a global scale. As an organization our vision with this technology is to empower farmers and enable profitable & sustainable farming for nutritious, safe and affordable food for all.

How to use Zytonic-M:

Dissolve Zytonic-M powder in water, in the proportion of 1 is to 100 and apply through Irrigation.
Broadcast Zytonic-M powder prior to Irrigation/Rainfall. In case of basal application prior to sowing, broadcast ZM powder in the open field and rotovate to mix it in the top 6-9 inches of soil.

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