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Crop care chemicals have been an intrinsic part of farming for generations. However, these have the potential to harm both the environment and human health.

Zydex’s crop protection technology – Zytonic Neem relies on the natural repellence mechanism of neem oil to control pathogenic microbes, without the need for toxic chemicals. This approach has been used for millions of years in nature and has proven to be effective in protecting crops.

One of the key advantages of Zytonic Neem is that it eliminates the possibility of chemical-induced mutations of pathogenic microbial communities. Furthermore, the use of Zytonic Neem helps to reduce/eliminate residual crop care chemicals, resulting in safer and healthier food for consumers. With growing concerns about the impact of chemicals on our health and the environment, Zytonic Neem offers a natural and effective alternative that could transform the future of crop care.

Zytonic Neem


  • Organic certified natural crop protector
  • Prevents multiplication and spread of pests and diseases
  • Helps reduce crop care chemical residues
  • Bio-degradable formulation