Engineers around the world are keenly looking to adopt technologies that can help realize perpetual pavements at an economical cost. Achieving such an ambitious goal requires reimagining many of the basic facets of how roads have been built over the last 50 years and what the main cause of their failure has been.
Undoubtedly, the main causes of failure have been moisture damage and poor fatigue response. The next generation of pavement technologies therefore must enable strength, flexibility and moisture resistance to be built into the various sublayers of the pavement in an integral manner. Doing so will not only extend the service life of pavements but also enable better utilization of marginal materials for road construction.
At Zydex, we have reimagined a pavement from the ground up such that each layer is built for moisture resistance, flexibility, strength and maximal use of in-situ materials. Zydex technology enables bituminous layers, bond coats and soil layers to be built for moisture impermeability, flexibility and fatigue resistance. The revolutionary set of solutions for perpetual pavements developed by Zydex, enables the building of moisture-resistant, durable & maintenance-free roads.
As a road additive manufacturer, we also offer fast action road pavement emulsions for a speedy and better paving process which also translates into time and cost-saving for our clients.
Our technology allows road asphalt mixtures to be used in extreme climatic conditions with an increased design life. This innovative technology addresses all the sub-layers of a typical pavement and can be used to successfully eliminate water-induced pavement damage. We specialize in offering road pavement emulsions that impart stability and longer service life with consistent performance and reduced distresses.

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