Zydex offers a range of spun sizing products that includes modified starches, wax lubricants, powder dry polyester resins, and powder & liquid acrylic copolymers. These eco-friendly alternatives are designed to substitute PVA for spun sizing applications, and they are bio-eliminable, which helps to reduce ETP loads.

Zydex’s polyester resins are particularly noteworthy for their high strength and low viscosity. The use of nano-sized water-soluble polyester resin with film-forming acrylic copolymers, coupled with perfect viscosity control, is a key feature that helps to successfully formulate sizing recipes. The Zydex product line also provides improved flexibility, abrasion resistance, strength, and reduced hairiness.

In addition to their polyester resins, Zydex also offers wax lubricants that provide excellent lubricity without affecting adhesion. This ensures that the sizing process is efficient and effective, while also producing high-quality results.

Overall, Zydex’s range of spun sizing products offers a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional sizing methods. With their bio-eliminable and high-performance features, these products are an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing quality or efficiency.


  • PVA free
  • Bio-eliminable modified starch additive for spun yarn sizing

ZYDEX 2400 

  • For increasing yarn strength
  • Improved abrasion resistance without increasing the paste viscosity

ZYDEX 2304

  • Synthetic water dispersible polyester resin to improve adhesive and cohesive power of spun sized yarn
  • Suitable for Cotton / PC / PV blends
  • Ideal for fine cotton counts and denser sorts

ZYDEX 2450 

  • Polyester resin
  • Acts without affecting the viscosity of size paste
  • Excellent bonding between fibers along with surface bonding
  • Good abrasion resistance and strength
  • Improved loom efficiency if used with single shot sizing products at 2 – 5% additionally (according to the loom type)
  • Helps in shed opening during weaving by keeping good separation of warp threads

ZYDEX 2451

  • Flexible polyester resin polymer binder
  • Resin with easy solubility
  • Helps with reduction in hairiness in the sized yarn
  • Flexible and even film formation over the surface of the sized yarn
  • Helps to replace PVA partly or fully
  • Easy desizability
  • Easy effluent disposal

ZYDEX 2301

  • Excellent coating and hairiness control
  • Improves wet pick-up
  • Improved abrasion resistance

 ZYDEX 2350

  • For hairiness control and improved strength
  • Can replace PVA partially / fully and can be used for coarser to finer counts

ZYDEX 4502

  • Low odour polymeric softener for improved lubricity, bonding and easy desizability