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The Zytonic Compost EZ technology developed by Zydex works on a fungal bio-digestion mechanism to improve the conversion of manure (animal/poultry) and fodder/farm residues to humus and humic substances. Microbe-rich and fully digested free-flowing manure is the key benefit that the Zytonic Compost EZ technology delivers. This manure helps to enrich farm soils with a higher fungal biomass to achieve improved overall soil organic content and fertility.

The resulting bio-digested FYM is moist, free-flowing, and odorless, thereby making it easier to spread over a larger area. It also increases the availability of key nutrients and ensures higher residual organic content for improved soil health.

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  • Static surface composting now possible in 45-60 days
  • Avoids repetitive turning
  • Converts animal and poultry manure into a fully bio-digested manure that is odorless and rich in organic matter and humic substances
  • Increases the biological population in the resultant manure
  • This enriched manure is soft, crumbly and easy to apply at the rate of 0.5-1 ton per acre