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The Zytonic biotechnology developed by Zydex is organic certified and promotes regenerative farming as a sustainable approach to enhance farm yields while restoring soil health and ecosystems. Unlike chemical farming practices that can degrade soil quality and contribute to environmental problems, the Zytonic biotechnology focuses on building soil fertility and improving the efficiency of natural processes that help farmers eliminate their dependence on harmful chemical inputs. In one crop cycle, 100% chemical fertilizer nutrients can be replaced without yield loss, by enhancing the bio-availability of nutrients with our organic certified biofertilizer range: Zytonic M, Zytonic NPK, Zytonic Zinc and Zytonic K.

The Zytonic biotechnology is a part of our Farm Revival Initiative that not only benefits the environment but also has the potential to yield nutritious crops through profitable regenerative farming.


  • Elimination / reduction in chemical fertilizers from the first crop cycle
  • Improved germination & plant survival
  • High-quality produce
  • Reduction and extension of irrigation cycles (drought resistance)
  • Reduction in crop care chemicals
  • Increased root mass and soil biological activity leads to improved overall soil health