Zydex has developed Epricon, an innovative printing system that tackles sustainability concerns linked to traditional printing methods. With its distinct polymer formulation, Epricon provides users with the ability to achieve the same depth, brightness, feel, and fastness as reactive printing. By using finer meshes, Epricon can replace the majority of reactive print designs, eliminating the need for washing and reducing the likelihood of rejected prints. This results in increased productivity and profitability for manufacturers.

fabric printing
  • Epricon is a next generation printing system designed by Zydex to address sustainability issues associated with conventional printing.
  • Using a unique polymer design, Epricon allows the user to print with depth, brilliancy, feel and fastness like reactive.
  • Epricon can replace most reactive print designs with finer meshes, does not require washing and leads to lower rejections. This improves overall productivity and profitability of the manufacturer.
fabric printing
  • Epricon DS is a performance enhancer to be added in desizing bath for processing the grey fabrics for Epricon printing
  • Epricon SC is a performance enhancer to be added on scouring bath for all fabrics to be prepared for Epricon printing
fabric printing
  • EPRIBOND: Specially formulated binder designed for feel less and extreme smooth prints with excellent rub and wash fastness.
  • EPRIPRINT: A new generation polymeric thickener, which is designed for high solidity, brilliancy and soft feel.
  • R-22: Emulsifier cum levelling agent designed to provide excellent solidity and levelling for light and pastel color shades.
  • R-66: A product designed as a levelling agent to impart soft feel and brilliant color prints.
  • R-88: Silicone softener designed to improve color depth, brightness and feel.
fabric printing
  • EPRISOFT: Softening agent for improved feel, brightness and fastness.
  • EPRIFIX: Cationic polymer to improve wet crock, dry crock and washing. It can be used as a supplement along with either non-ionic or cationic softeners.
  • It cannot be used with anionic softeners and will lead to flocculation.
  • Note: Epricon Package will not be complete without the use of either Eprisoft or Eprifix.