Agricultural soils today need to produce nutritious, safe and affordable food for all. The world is concerned about deteriorating soil health and lowering of the water table. Due to extensive mechanization, imbalanced and excessive use of chemical fertilizers and crop care chemicals, the real challenge lies in doing sustainable eco-farming with higher income. The key will be new technologies to eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers, crop care chemicals and higher yields with less water from the first crop cycle itself, making effective and sustainable agriculture a reality.

Zydex brings a new revolution to the farm sector through the project Farm Revival (Prakalp Sanjivani), a chemical-free farming initiative. Our organic certified bio-fertilizer technology has a unique soil conditioning ability which addresses farmyard manure enrichment, makes soils soft & porous, while inoculating it with the right biology such as mycorrhiza, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorous and potassium solubilizing bacteria (NPK consortia), zinc solubilizing bacteria, etc. This enables farmers to completely eliminate chemical fertilizer inputs in the basal and growth stage of the crop.

Zydex’s crop care range includes an anti-transpirational nanotechnology which stimulates growth, manages water stress and improves crop health. Our new nano-encapsulation technology with neem oil for plants along with our adjuvant and mist control products are a boon for crop protection, with best-in-class performance.