Biological farming solutions – An alternative to chemical fertilizers

Challenges in Agriculture:

  1. Declining soil health (Hard soils, Low organic matter & soil biological activity)
  2. Stagnating or declining yields
  3. Increasing cost of cultivation
  4. Air & water pollution (Chemical run off and volatilization of chemical inputs)
  5. Affordable (Can be even considered for Low-cost Mass housing)

Solution: Biological Farming

The solution is to rebuild our soils and natural soil biology with biofertilizers! Laboratory soil analysis reports often talk about deficiency of nutrients in the soil. However, it is important to note that only the plant available nutrients are accounted for in these reports. The vast abundance of plant unavailable nutrients is not quantified in these reports! Soils contain all the required plant nutrients in adequate quantities but in an unavailable form. An active soil biology is the key to unleash these nutrients and supply it to plants in an available form. Unfortunately, excessive use of chemical inputs suppresses this process and is the culprit in most cases.

Zydex’s biology booster technology (Zytonic/ Zytonic-M) also works as a soil conditioner that improves soil porosity and water holding capacity leading to a healthy and active root zone full of beneficial biology. These bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa and other beneficial organisms work throughout the crop cycle to convert unavailable plant nutrients to an available form for plant uptake. This allows a more sustainable form of farming with low chemical inputs and high quality & bountiful yields especially in drought-stricken conditions. Moreover, the active soil biology along with a larger root zone are continuously recycled back into the soil as organic matter to replenish the nutrients used up by the plants.

Farmer Benefits:

  • Increased yield (15-50%)
  • High produce quality: Size, Nutritional Content & Shelf Life
  • Reduction in irrigation (20-30%) and drought resistance
  • Reduction in chemical fertilizers (50-100%)
  • Reduction in pesticide consumption (20-40%)

Biological Farming can provide safe and wholesome food for all and is the best way forward for the future of Agriculture globally!