The challenges of Fixing Large Size Stones/Tiles on Façades

Beautification of building/structure is an expensive project. Owners usually spend a lot of money on maintaining it for a longer duration. A major section of this beautification process is fixing large size Stones /Tiles which play a critical role in the aesthetics of the structure.

Fixing these large size Stone and Tiles are pretty easy on a horizontal surface. But this gets tricky when done on a vertical surface especially when the requirement is to keep it fixed for longer time. The heavy weight of these stones/tiles are a challenge for contractors. These Stone and Tiles pieces are very large and weigh a lot which causes gravity to play its part and results in de-bonding. To hold that much weight on the vertical surface, the contractor only has the support of one side. Too much vertical pressure on the attached side causes Stone/Tiles to fall from the facade. The major reason for this is the formation of polylithic surface /structure and resulting in non-monolithic strength. This leads to cold joints. These joints are the main cause of failures leading to Stone/Tiles falling off the facade. This is a major challenge for the contractors and the only solutions available are either to cut the Stones/Tiles into smaller pieces and then attach or use expensive solutions to fix them. These are not a viable option for customers who are looking for a cost-efficient solution without compromising on the aesthetics of these stones or tiles.

To solve this problem, Zydex introduces an innovative product ZycoFix Ultra that can tackle the problems of contractors by fixing the large-sized, porous Stone/Tiles. ZycoFix can be applied on the surface easily in order to get the monolithic strength and prevents the Tiles/stones from falling. These solutions are user friendly and easy to use and can be applied just by using a brush. ZycoFix, does not require any extra machinery. These applications do not demand skilled labour. Hence, the requirement of clients for beautification using large size Stone/Tiles can easily and economically be met by the contractors using Zydex Zycofix Ultra applied as per Zydex specifications.

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